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SO Natural
Skin care


My name is Shavaun, and I am the founder of SONatural SkinCare. I am a Registered Nurse and Mom of three wonderful children who mean the world to me. Each of my children either had an allergy or a form of dry skin, and over the counter products wasn't working. Also as a nurse my hands as well as my body was worn. So I decided that self care and a healthy mind and body is a must. Dedicating myself to the care of others secularly and non secularly, I bottled what I used for my last child skin, and when COVID hit, the nurses needed that love as well. This is the results! This is my passion, and this is where IM staying! SONatural products are never harsh and there's always a benefit to every item. Thank you for your interest and I hope you love every moment of this experience. Lets improve our skin, mind,& body so-naturally, together!  Feed your mind love, it believes what you put in it!

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